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Simplicity & Perfection

Natalie Prhat is laser-focused on helping the hospitality industry add value to their menus by creating gorgeous and nutritious plant-based recipes that complement current offerings while improving operating margins and attracting new customers.

Explore Services For Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants.

1/ Menu Expansion

The key to your success. It is the pivotal element to guest retention. Natalie will add high quality plant based items that compliment your current offerings and make it effortless for your staff and delicious for your guests.

3/ Staff Coaching

To give your guests an exceptional experience, it is so important to have a team that understands the menu/philosophy and can execute them confidently and effectively. 

5/ Menu Research &

Competitors Review

Natalie's job is to bring the most current food trends to your restaurant menus.


Fine dining plant based cuisine is a new area of expansion in the culinary world; a relatively new frontier. Customers expect the same sophistication that they have become accustomed to. Vegan and vegetarian options are now essential for hospitality operators.

2/ System Execution

With well thought out systems and procedures implemented to maximize project success, Natalie can ensure little time is required to make an impactful positive addition to your offerings.

4/ Concept Invigoration

Reviewing current menu offerings and adding flattering plant based dishes with profitability in mind.

6/ Marketing Strategy

Natalie helps her clients market their destination and offerings as an influential thought-leader for clean living and upscale destination travel.


With an extensive and growing network of over 20k vegan and health-conscious contacts, Natalie's opinions and preferences can inspire a following among fellow vegan travellers.


Additionally, she counsels her clients on the appropriate trade properties (digital and traditional) where their advertisements will most appeal to their ideal target demographic.

7/ Public Speaking Opportunities

Book Natalie today to speak at your next event. Whether you are a business looking for maximum employee productivity, a retreat or a culinary event, Natalie will show your audience how to make healthy food taste delicious.

Energize your group with an inspirational and informative wellness session featuring a broad array of topics ranging from simple first steps to better health, improved energy through lifestyle and nutrition, and of course, the power of plant nutrients.

Each session is fully tailored and optimized to meet your audience’s needs.

Featured clients

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Let's Enhance Your Menu Offerings

From concept through to culinary development, Natalie is passionate about working with resorts and restaurants to expand and evolve their vegan selection into an attractive differentiator.

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