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Natalie Prhat
Plant based chef consultant and recipe creator at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica, Orlando at Walt Disney, Anguilla now Milano, Italy. 

A passionate global advocate, epicurean for clean, sustainable living through plant-based eating.

With years of international cuisine and travel experience, Natalie consults with luxury resorts globally to develop and deliver fresh and creative culinary dishes.

As a recipe developer and chef consultant working with several Four Seasons locations, including Costa Rica, Anguilla, and Walt Disney Orlando, I am passionate about the rapidly evolving culinary landscape, particularly in the area of plant-based eating. Today's discerning travelers are becoming increasingly selective about how their lifestyle and dietary preferences influence their choice of both business and leisure destinations. Therefore, hospitality businesses seeking to attract health-conscious and veg-forward enthusiasts to their establishments benefit from leveraging the opportunities presented by plant-based eating.

My role involves partnering with hotels and restaurateurs to promote healthy menu options, catering specifically plant forward, and allergy-free travellers. I specialize in creating specialized menu planning that satisfies even the most discerning palates and principles. As a trusted voice in the plant-based community, I help to satisfy and grow the vegan movement, one resort or client at a time.

From concept through to culinary development, I work with resorts and restaurants to expand and evolve their vegan selection into an attractive differentiator. My focus is always on what people love: delicious food that also happens to be plant-based.

Using local flavours and as many native and seasonal ingredients as possible, my specialty lies in understanding current culinary trends and customer sentiment to build an appropriate offering. Whether working with Four Seasons or other clients, I am passionate about helping them succeed by meeting the needs of today's discerning travellers through healthy, delicious, and plant-based cuisine.

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With years of international cuisine, travel experience, and holistic nutrition, Natalie is on a mission to help you create highly desirable plant based dishes that prevail in taste and flavor.



Hotels, resorts, and restaurants

Add value to your menus by creating gorgeous and nutritious plant-based recipes that compliment current offerings.

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